Kayamandi Township Homestays

Traveling to South Africa and looking for an unforgettable accommodation experience? Stay in one of the comfortable homestays located in the historic township of Kayamandi!

About Kayamandi

The homestays are located in the township of Kayamandi (just outside of Stellenbosch) with a population of about 30 000, generally made up of people who came from the rural areas of South Africa (and even other African countries) in search of work and a better future for themselves and their families.

The settlement was established in 1941 and was always characterized by severe material poverty. Though improvements have been made in the last decade, informal settlements still dominate Kayamandi and the absence of parks, playgrounds, shops and social services is evident.

The Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust

This website is graciously donated by The Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust (GSDT), a resource centre and development co-operation organization in Kayamandi. We strive to bridge the divide in means and in outlook between communities, to find common interests and to strengthen civil society. To this end the Trust runs development programs to nurture children, youth, micro-economic growth, and human rights in the greater Stellenbosch region. For more information regarding GSDT and associated programs, please visit the trust website.

Please contact us at info@townshipstays.co.za, or at our facebook page for further information and we will get back to you.